Accessory Dwelling Unit

Increase the Value of Your Existing Home by Adding an ADU

As housing demand continues to surpass supply in the Area, creative solutions are required to provide additional housing to reduce rental expenses. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are one such solution. An ADU is a secondary living unit in residence, with a separate entrance/exit. Examples of ADUs include basement apartments, backyard cottages, in-law suites, and also garage studio.
By constructing ADUs across the city, we can weave additional housing into residential areas in manner ins which enhance the community fabric, enhance intergenerational living arrangements, and improve housing affordability. After current changes to the District’s zoning code made it easier for the homeowner to build ADUs on their lots, the Coalition for Wiser Development has led the way in promoting the production of ADUs to benefit from these modifications.

Why do people build ADUs?

accessory dwelling unit in Bay Area

Rise Residential Property Value

If you’re aiming to enhance your home value in The golden state, then ADU’s are an excellent investment for your family members.

Building an ADU is a smart investment for a household especially in Silicon Valley, unused space on a residential property can be used to build the ADU.

By developing a second backyard residence, you’re expanding your home’s convenience. If the unit is built with quality, it would be a future profit source improving the resale price.ADU’s add equity to your house. As a matter of fact, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that granny flats could increase the value of your home by 20 to 30 percent. It’s not surprising that many households in Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Los Altos Hills choose to add ADU’s to their houses.

Economical Housing

in most cases, the overall cost of a developed, permitted, and completed ADU costs a quarter of a single-family home in California’s Silicon Valley.

Long-Term Financial investment

Many ADU owners find themselves scaling down into the ADU and either sharing the primary home with their own family members or renting it out when they’ve decided to retire.

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benefits of an accessory dwelling unit

Maintain Your Family Members All Together

Nowadays, it has become very hard for millennials to find their personal apartment or condos or homes because of the expensive real estate market. While they are keeping careers and starting jobs, millennials additionally have a hard time paying back college their student loan debt.

Safety, security and Availability

ADUs allow homeowners to take care of elderly parents or family members with special needs or other health needs.

Starter Residence

One of the benefits of an accessory dwelling unit is offering the youngsters and their family members enough time to save their money for a new home. You can also enjoy a close relationship with your kids while you help them begin a new life in their starter ADU.

Personal privacy and Convenience

Offering extra independent space provides homeowners an option for minimizing social tension

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